What We Pave

Ranch Roads

The road is your community’s lifeline. Without it, businesses are cut off from customers and residents are cut off from the rest of the neighborhood. Rafferty Paving understands the need for good roads, which is why we’re committed to delivering reliable ranch roads that build up communities.


At Rafferty Paving, we are Driveway Specialists. Every day, we’re out helping our customers with their driveway needs. From minor cracks that need seal coating to complete asphalt resurfacing, we’re here to help.


Regular wear and tear can do a number on your asphalt. When cracks and holes start to appear, it’s best to seal them as soon as possible to prevent further damage and protect your wallet.


Are you worried about what your parking lot says to customers? The parking lot is your chance to make a good first impression, so you want to make sure it’s accessible, easy to use, and driver-friendly. At Rafferty Paving, we provide a wide range of options to set the tone before your customers walk through the door. With our expert paving and maintenance, you won’t lose out to a bad parking lot.


Good country roads bring the community together and are statements of local pride, but regular wear and tear can degrade the integrity of the asphalt. Since country roads are in constant use from both locals and passers by, investment in regular maintenance ensures safe travels through your community.


There’s no better road than the road home, and Rafferty Paving wants to make sure that the one that welcomes you back is the best part of your commute. We are dedicated to providing a quality private road that not only serves your needs, but enhances your life.
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